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Thinking back 100 years to just before The Great War, to what was possibly the last time a European could see the world as large, new and bright.

The Great Expedition is meant to describe a journey that could have been taken by a young explorer just before the First World War. The soundscapes are meant to describe each phase of the imagined journey, from the preparations, to the journey itself and the eventual return. The first two tracks, First Steps and New Worlds show the eager movement towards. and completion of, a sea journey. The Great Expedition of 1912 attempts to describe the bulk of the journey, with the juxtaposition of the Persian santur, the Arabic rak, as well as more European styled horns and vocals. a true meeting of East and West. Post Expedition is a reflection on what happened to the traveller, particularly mentally and spiritually, with broadened horizons and a more understanding world view. Finally Home shows how difficult it is to return o a place after an absence — while the sub-title is All Is Changed, “all" in this case includes the traveller as well as the place left behind.


released November 19, 2013

Music © 2013 by Colin Mansfield, Lyrics © 2013 by Latha Sambamurti and Holly Nelson




Colin Mansfield West St. Paul, Minnesota

Colin Mansfield is a Composer, Engineer, Producer and Mentor to young people interested in creating music using computers. The Great Expedition is his sixth solo release, a collaboration with vocalists Holly Nelson and Latha Sambamurti.

Colin is also one half of Sound Commandos, with British synthesist Christopher J Wray.
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Track Name: First Steps
Om om om
Om namah shivaya (4)
Hara hara shiva shiva hara hara shiva shiva namah shivaya (4)
Bho shambho (4)
Shambho shiva shiva shambho shiva shambho shiva shiva shambho (4)
Om hari om (4)

Dhimita dhimita dhimi dhimikita kitatom
Tom tom tarikita tarikita kitatom (2)
Matanga munivara vandita isha
Sarva digambara veshtita vesha
Nrithya niranjana nithya natesha
Sarva digambara veshtita vesha
Dhimita dhimita dhimi dhimikita kitatom
Dama dama dama dama damaru bajave

Bho shambho (3)

Hari om namah shivaya hari om namah shivaya
Jai shiva shankara hara hara shankara om nama shivaya
He thripurari bavabhayahaari om namah shivaya
He pralayankara hara hara shankara om namah shivaya
Om namah shivaya shambho om namah shivaya (4)
Shivaya nama om namah shivaya (2)

Kailasapathe mahadeva shambho!

-now's the time before you
-now's the time, come in
-shallow depths before you
-going round the bend

-and you can take it where you want it
-if you think you really want it
Track Name: Post Expedition (After The End)
Janaki Nath sahaya kare tab, kaun bigad kare nar tero
Dushta Dusshasana vimala Draupadi, cheer utthar kumantar phero

- you've only seen the landscape from afar
- and tasted fruit from off the ground
- where are you going, and what's it all for
- the great expedition, alone
- the great expedition, alone